87 Wishes

We asked customers

"if there’s one thing a magic fairy offered to help you with what would you ask for?"

Here’s the responses we’ve received;

  1. My skin
  2. To not be envious of everyone else and their achievements, lifestyle etc. To feel fulfilled
  3. Peace
  4. Balancing competing interests/responsibilities
  5. Expressing my true self and owning my power
  6. Improved fertility
  7. Being less self critical
  8. Healthy, happy family
  9. A solution to male pattern baldness!
  10. A better memory, thus less to worry about! Also, at the moment, a quicker more efficient NHS, should have had an MRI months ago
  11. Knowing how to help with future health needs, and with menopausal problems for the present
  12. Guidance
  13. How to find complete happiness
  14. To not need any medications from GPs
  15. Healthy, happy family with good house and a car
  16. Changing my career to reflect my true core values and spirituality and more abundance – self-worth, I guess!
  17. To lose another stone and maintain that weight
  18. Being happy and healthy
  19. Being happy and making friends
  20. A perfect relationship
  21. Self confidence booster
  22. Someone to make me healthy meals – especially for a day at work – rather than grabbing a sandwich or jacket potato from the café opposite.  Also, for the magic fairy to explain the ingredients and the health benefits
  23. Boundless energy and the sense to balance work/life
  24. Nagging negative thoughts of  “I can’t” (I know perfectly well I can)
  25. I think I already have it
  26. To believe in myself more and live in the moment
  27. A cure for my cancer paranoia
  28. I would ask for time to rewind so I could not jump that fence and never to have broken my leg
  29. Money to build my own house and start a good business
  30. My mind
  31. How to remain positive, healthy and full of energy
  32. Slim, energetic with low general inflammatory status
  33. More energy PLEASE
  34. Peace of mind
  35. Talking therapy
  36. S/he (as we are non-judgemental about these things) could grant me two wishes: health and personal and professional contentment
  37. My own personal chef as I hate supermarkets/food shopping and cooking bores me. Very negative I know. But I do love good food and I do love exercising. I just don’t have the patience for cooking.
  38. New lungs
  39. Increase my drive and motivation
  40. None
  41. Where do I start? Ha ha to change career to one which would offer a better life/work balance, aiming for that new career to be rewarding yet creative at the same time as being less stressful than its current comparator, thus hoping to alleviate health complaint which, by their very nature, are aggravated by stress! Yikes!
  42. Balanced healthy weight
  43. Manage my eczema
  44. Identify my life purpose
  45. Some fun
  46. To be more mobile and healthy
  47. To know what the future holds
  48. As of now I already have had that by finding and working with Rumana – at present I need no more as I keep on being well
  49. Perfect health and happiness for myself and family – whoops is that two things …but she is a magic fairy…
  50. To conceive a healthy baby with my fantastic husband (we’ve had two miscarriages – one having been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome) and the other is to change my career from being a secondary maths teacher to doing ‘something’ on a daily basis that would be less stressful and soul destroying to one that would give me purpose and be more suited to me as a person and individual
  51. Good health
  52. To be happy with my body and in control of my weight
  53. To be able to sleep like a baby
  54. An end to IBS and stomach pain
  55. Give me more time to spend with my passion – my horses yet still earn enough to keep them!!
  56. The way to get rid of food intolerance for good
  57. I suppose to feel more popular and have more real friends
  58. To banish worms to hell for ever
  59. Access to a wider style of living
  60. To be slim and healthy
  61. Just to get more healthy and pain free
  62. Give up work!!
  63. To have more flexibility in my hip/pelvis area
  64. To help balance female hormones/eradicate PMS. It’s becoming unbearable!
  65. Increasing energy levels – make me feel I’m running on four cylinders instead of two!
  66. A healthy gut
  67. That people relax within a sense of enduring inner peace...
  68. To help me with ten other things...
  69. Right now, that all the hurt and pain shielded behind an overcoat of anger be transformed into a loving releasing hug for someone in my life
  70. To deal with my headaches and migraines
  71. To deal with my severe asthma
  72. Find a natural way to deal with my depression and come off these wretched antidepressants
  73. For my eyes to shine again
  74. So many where do I start – get less infections, have more energy, improve my lungs, stop feeling exhausted all of the time and sleep better.
  75. Stop my hair falling out
  76. To have less stress in my life
  77. A cure for my diabetes
  78. To stop my heart hurting after a relationship breakup
  79. Be able to move again
  80. Anything to improve the way I express anger
  81. To have the courage, compassion and love to live my life fully
  82. Have peace
  83. Get rid of my eating disorder
  84. To be able to extend my life more than my prognosis
  85. Stop anxiety and lift my depression
  86. To have my time again and not make the same mistakes
  87. Take away my lonliness

"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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