Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and I’ve just come back from the UAE raising the within one of the airlines. It was great to see so many people attend the event. Some men were there too which was good to see. A small number of men do get breast cancer. In the UK the figure stands around 300 men/year compared to 45,700 women. What’s most astounding is that 25% can be prevented through diet alone. However, it’s knowing what to do.

Increasing the amount of vegetables in the diet can help a great deal of course. The top three foods I would advocate for cancer prevention are broccoli, turmeric and green tea. Download the article below about these foods. As well as ensuring you get plenty of healthy vegetables in your diet you also need to reduce the toxin load as much as possible. Cutting back the excesses of alcohol, coffee, smoking, pesticides will all help. Dairy is something to keep in check as such a lot of hormones, drug residues and toxins come through these foods. Go for organic where possible. 

If you’ve had breast cancer already then you may want to consider some bodywork too. The muscles around the breast area can really get locked up after the trauma of treatment. If you’ve got scars or tightness, think about taking up yoga and get into some gentle self massage around the breast area, under arms and shoulders. It is worth doing self checks monthly. Remember that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign and not cancerous, but if you do find one then just go to your doctor to make sure.

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