Coughs and Colds

I would use the medicinal herb Pelargonium for someone who has respiratory disorders, chronic or acute in my clinic. Herbs have both antibiotic and antiviral properties and there are some that work very effectively in clearing infections. The research on Pelargonium sidoides has shown that it can help in bronchitis coughs and common colds. A plant native to South Africa, it is significantly effective with its properties against Staphylococcus aureus. You may have heard this bacterium in the condition sometime referred to as "strep throat", that horrible, sore throat that seems to stay around for ages.

With the change of herbal regulations you may get Pelargonium sidoides over the counter, (most herbs in the UK now need to be licensed) otherwise contact your local herbalist. You can check various registers such as the Association of Master Herbalists or the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.


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