Facial Acupuncture

Every face tells a story...

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Within seconds you may have worked out how you look and feel and know your best look from your worst. You may have scrutinized every little detail, notice every new pimple, blackhead or blemish you really don’t want to see and certainly not allowed to be there!  Our face pretty much says it all - who we are, what we feel and reflects our health. So what are the factors which make us look good and not so good?

Most of us want to see our skin is clear of spots, is smooth, toned and wrinkle or line free. The eyes are bright and clear without bags or dark patches underneath and that the cheeks and jaw are well defined where the skin is not sagging.

Whilst surgical and strong chemical cosmetic treatments exist they don’t suit everyone as they can be extremely harsh and create more problems than solving them. I’m often asked about natural approaches to facial rejuvenation, and what cosmetic treatments I recommend and how they may work.  

I recommend taking an approach which works on the inside and out. In the clinic I get clients to take a multiple step programme. We use Cosmetic Acupuncture which is gaining in popularity due to media attention many celebrities get using it. Since launching this a few years ago I have seen some remarkable results when run alongside a naturopathic programme. 

Facial acupuncture works on the principles that superficial needle insertion stimulates blood flow and increases collagen production which in turn helps to tone and firm up the skin. In 1996 the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases treated with Cosmetic Acupuncture, 90% had marked effects with a course of treatments. The effects: the skin became delicate, improvement in the elasticity of facial muscles, better complexion, and overall facial rejuvenation.

Regular skin outbreaks, stress, tiredness, smoking, too much alcohol and poor eating habits all have a bearing on our health and can reflect on our face, which is why I also advocate using pressure point massage and supportive nutritional and herbal guidance to enhance overall health. This of course also has the additional benefits as part of the “anti-ageing regimes” that I recommend.

Taking a broader view of your facial rejuvenation programme may be key to getting the results you want, which may mean dealing with the core issues so problems don't return later. Getting that bright healthy glow can be more in your reach than you think. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

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