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Growing vegetables …TED talks in Newcastle…88 year old doctor and practicing homeopath…

I recently cleared a small patch in the garden and have thrown myself into growing vegetables. Timely I would say, has anyone else noticed the cost of fruit and vegetables? Prices just seemed to be rising a lot over the last year. It’s good to see more people interested in growing their own and rightly so. I was wondering why this isn’t promoted more? Obviously space is necessary but the very basics of food production seems to have been nearly completely taken out of our hands. Of course not many of us have the time nor the inclination but I wish there were more local growers who would do more organic, biodynamic growing.

I love knowledge and I particularly love interesting minds. Minds that are open, enquiring and filled with the wonder of life. Why I like TED is that it is a platform bringing together people and knowledge. The bite size presentations can leave you in awe of some of the fascinating things going on around the world. The recent TEDx Newcastle conference just brought home to how much is going on in my own town.  It was wonderful to see my dear friend and yoga teacher Jambo Truong talk on Breathing and the depth of science behind this practice, the way you breathe can change your hormonal state and reduce your stress within seconds (what yogis have known for centuries). There were many others speakers who are doing fabulous work in the area of not only science but arts and culture. 

You won’t be surprised to hear when my recent interest was sparked about an 88 year old doctor practising homeopathy and who also embraces nutrition wholeheartedly. Her cases are far and wide, challenging by nature, as are mine, we are dealing with conditions that are non-responsive to allopathic medicine. “There is always a virus present in any cancer case I have seen”, she proceeds to tell me, “think about it - cervical cancer and HPV (Human Papillomavirus), Hepatitis, …. ”  we chatted for hours and I decided there was much to share and learn. I wanted to know more about her work and the way she worked. So much so that we agreed she would allow me time to sit in with her and work with her on cases. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always more to learn.


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