Pioneering Takes Courage

Every now and then something crosses your path that grabs your attention. A pioneer, working with "incurable" conditions such as cancer, tumours, disabilities, making remarkable progress. Really I thought I just had to know more. I packed my bags and joined 45 others on a two week journey of discovery to India.

Dr Vijayakar is a genius without a shadow of a doubt. An embryologist, medical doctor and most of all a homeopath. Practicing in Mumbai where paying for medical care is a stretch for most, his ‘Hope for the Hopeless’ clinics are free to those who cannot afford it. With every 'incurable' condition you could imagine he is dealing with it, and successfully too, with documented evidence of all his work. 

Extraordinary Results

I had come across Dr Vijayakar a few months earlier at a conference in Germany, and was taken aback by seeing him present case after case of conditions that had been cured using homeopathy alone and with a single dose. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes, and there were others, 250 of us observing his cases. It was not surprising he received a standing ovation. You realised you were meeting a leading light in a highly controversial field. So remarkable that his cases are being reviewed by the National Institute of Cancer in America.

Homeopathy has had bad press here in the UK. It is highly controversial because we don't understand how it fully works. We are bad at throwing out what we don't understand and saying it has no relevance but what about when it DOES work? How many lives could be saved or suffering reduced if we opened up the possibilities where we think there are none? The Swiss government alone has produced its own report and have accepted homeopathic medicine as part of its healthcare system.

Dr Vijayakar believes homeopathy is mathematics. If you can get the total picture of a person their thinking, emotions and the physical symptoms then you can find a remedy to match, the similimum i.e. like cures like - the basic homeopathic principles. He takes on cases the medical industry cannot fix and we had plenty of examples in the two weeks we spent with him in his clinics in India.  The treatment is individualised therefore cannot fit into the model of standardised clinical trials. The two systems are opposite.  Reversal of disease also has to occur in the manner that is individual to the person.

I am humble enough to know where things don't work but always look to explore possibilities that we need to grow and change. But profoundly to me is being able to help my patients choose a course of treatment where others have failed. Continuing medication which just does not work is bad for health. In business we would never just stop because one thing doesn't work. As Einstein said madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If it doesn't work, stop and try something else.

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