The Power of Plants

It was interesting to chat about how the way plants grown are affected hugely by the environment and pesticide sprays used on them. With plants (and food) being protected with sprays they don't produce as many of the 'fighting' chemicals needed and therefore have a lot less of the beneficial compounds which are so valuable to us. This was confirmed by the research conducted on Salvesterols by Prof Gerry Potter and his team at University of Leicester. Salvesterols are vital  to our health as they have anti-cancer properties. Our foods just don't have enough in them. Its one of the reasons why I especially recommend using organic and wild crafted herbs, particularly if using herbs for treatment.

The cumulative effect of years of eating poor diets and low nutrient foods can bring out conditions in our bodies. We then end up having to spend time correcting and reversing conditions as I have seen time and time again in my practice. As a naturopath and herbalist I advocate doing whatever you can now, don't leave it until you get a wake up call. I admire stories like Michael Gearin-Tosh an Oxford University director with bone cancer who went down the route of natural medicine and extended his life by years over his prognosis, and the many stories within my own clinic

When faced with a condition there are many routes to choose, make sure you know and understand about all your options before embarking on any treatment.



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