The Wonder of Pain

I've been working a lot with emotional pain recently - heartbreaks mostly.  Sad I know but it's part of life and I wanted to share my recent reflections on it.

Through the many tears and the unbearable ache that just won't go away many of us put on a brave face and only present the physical symptoms we experience; yet a slight touch or gentle words can open the flood gates which allows the possibility of healing.

A dear friend of mine has been suffering greatly after a recent failed relationship but what it has done is brought up the three deaths she never grieved properly and her strong pattern of fixating on loss rather than letting go and healing. 

Sometimes our life experiences can give us the opportunity to open up more to ourselves and the ability to heal our soul. A deep connection can only be made if we take the time to reflect and let the tears flow and be fully present in that space. Not many of us want to remain in that place because its too painful. And that's the crux, we need to go through it to come out the other end, a little wiser and a little lighter of spirit. 

As a practitioner I'm not immune to this process. As well as dealing all day every day with other peoples mortality, I know the terrible pain left from losing someone you love. It's like Shiva coming along and destroying all that you held to be true and dear to you. Yet the crumbling emotions and the mini death of what was is a passage of time. I remember doing a death meditation with Yoga Teacher Ana Forrest, it was quite profound. The hopes and dreams we create in our life we take for granted until we lose them or the possibility of ever having time to create any more. It makes life ever more precious. 

Our bodies seem to restructure themselves over time and letting go becomes possible. I feel truly grateful that I have the knowledge and ability to be myself and that with each day I am able to create new dreams that makes living life fully more joyous. 


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