Yoga, More Than Just Postures

In June this year I spent a month in intensive Forrest yoga teacher training with the renowned Ana Forrest.

This is my second yoga teacher training course and I was curious to learn her integration of healing and the changes it’s brought in people’s lives. It’s now brought about a complete change in the way I practice yoga.

Yoga does change you. Not only to your body shape, it can unlock stuff we’ve been holding in our muscles for years which has probably restricted our movement and caused us years of aches and pains.

I didn’t think this was so profound until I was in a room of 37 people all having huge shifts, holding asanas and breathing like we’ve never breathed before. I wouldn’t have believed it had it not been the surge of energy I felt working its way out like an intense volcano erupting, its heat so intense, I felt my eyes fill followed by the unstoppable flow of tears.

Within moments my neck and shoulders just seemed to release, I had so much more movement.  It’s what you read about – the power of such focussed awareness and bringing the breath into the place your body really needs it to create healing.

Ana tells you to connect with feeling; it’s not a thinking process. In fact start thinking and you lose it. Most of the therapy we know for emotions is talking or thinking. Connecting with your body like this is a totally different experience. You don’t have to analyse anything. Just be, just breathe.

Some of us view yoga simply for its stretching and exercise capacity but there is so much more depth to it. We need to get deeper into our bodies and find ways of opening up to ourselves more, to give ourselves the time and space to heal.

In our rushed world this isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s just that we haven’t found the right modality for healing, particularly for joints and muscles. It’s a practice we all need to do simply to connect to our breath more and release the mounds of stress we accumulate in our bodies.

The more you open up to your body the more amazing things you find you can do to help it.


Oct 10, 2012

Have you changed the way you teach yoga to people after this experience? Do you help people heal more than just the physical layer of our beingness?

Oct 25, 2012

There are many layers that present themselves for healing to the individual. It is helping one to recognise their own need and to hold that space for them to heal. A deep connecting yoga practice will help with this so long as the teacher doesn't just focus on the physical body beautiful aspect. Forrest yoga has given me another angle to help individuals go deeper into themselves.

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