Peter Bousen

Allergies, weight issues and night sweats

"I could finally see light at the end of a long long tunnel. I dropped two and a half stones within 6 weeks and my whole life has changed. I do not regret one penny I've spent. She's changed my world and turned my life around."

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Elaine Shirkey


"Rumana's been absolutely brilliant. For the first time in 47 years I have confidence, that's been a godsend. I reduced 4 lots of medication within 6 weeks of seeing Rumana, I feel like a new woman. The transformation has been so quick."

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Michelle Blackburn


"I didn't feel ivf was right for me. I decided to take a natural route rather than injecting myself with drugs.6 months later I fell pregnant. There have been other huge benefits to my health too."

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Janice Ross

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

"The changes have had an immediate effect on my life after 15 years of suffering irritable bowel syndrome."

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Norma Foster

Digestive problems

"I had a lot of digestive problems, cramps and stomach ache. With a hectic lifestyle and rushing around, I visited my doctor, they scared the living daylight out of me. Working with Rumana has a fantastic positive impact on my life."

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Lynn Gate

Depression, anti-depressants, tiredness

"The doctor wanted to put me on sleeping tablets and prozac. I decided not to take them. The effect of working with Rumana has been fantastic; I just want to shout from the rooftops!"

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Kate Beverley

Weight Loss

"For me it was better than going out and getting a quick fix. I feel much more confident, my skin and hair feel great and I am much awake and alert."

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Jennifer Robson

Low energy, hectic life, poor digestion

"I'm taking a more conscious and proactive role in my health. I noticed how my energy levels soared, which has helped me in my hectic schedule and not fall asleep as soon as I got home!"

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Maria Humphreys


"I look at things from a different perspective now. I notice when I'm under a period of stress and what to do to help. When you see the results, that spurs you on to keep going."

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Pascal Fintoni

Low energy, poor sleep

"If I now look back a year and a half later, I must confess I had no idea how bad I was. I have more energy; I sleep better and have much more control over my eating habits."

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Sam Dixon

Weight, depression and food cravings

Sam summarises her treatment here, in her testimonial on ridding depression, antidepressants, addictions, achieving weight loss and life transformation. To find out more about her experiences and progress read Sam's blog.

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"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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