Assessments and Health Checks

Assessing your health needs is the first step.

Select from one of the following natural health assessments.


Full Health Assessment

This health assessment is one of our most popular and comprehensive. We look at assessing your nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, and internal body functions.


Once a detailed evaluation of your health has been made you will be guided to the next steps on planning your health programme.

This assessment is carried out as part of the Integrated Health Programme.


Allergy Assessment

Allergies can play a huge role in causing ill health. To assess your allergies and intolerances we use a muscle testing technique called Kinesiology. This assessment includes:



Iridology is an analytical tool used to make an assessment of a person’s state of health simply through observation of the iris. It can reveal the genetic make up, constitutional strengths and weaknesses, congestive and irritative conditions. It does not name specific diseases but provides an in-depth analysis of the body’s various systems and their conditions, revealing the root cause of the disease.

The eye is assessed using a light and magnification.

There is also the option to get the eyes photographed via an optician and the digital photograph is then used within an assessment based computer programme. It is can be a useful record to see how the eye changes after treatment or a year on.



Kinesiology is a technique that assesses the needs of the body in order to find the most appropriate treatment to help regain well-being.

The body provides this information in response to various muscle tests. A range of gentle techniques are applied and various corrections made to balance the systems of the body.


How Do I Pay?

Select from one of our affordable Health Plans

Our health plans will keep you in focus and in check with your health throughout the year. We will help motivate, inspire and keep your interest in achieving your health objectives even when so many things in life get in the way.

Purchase Individual Treatments

You may wish to purchase treatments on an individual ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. This approach is for those who live at a distance or wish to try a single treatment.


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