Body Work Treatment

Aching muscles with or without pain can really affect the way we go about our life. Our mood can become low as well as how we go about doing normal everyday tasks.

We use a number of different treatment approaches to help alleviate the symptoms and work to resolve any underlying problems.


Body Work Treatment

Working on muscles, joints and structure to release tension and recover movement is the main aim. Using a combination of techniques can really get to the heart of the issue quickly. In any one session we may use:



If you need a deep relaxing massage to help relieve tension you can select from any of the following:

Using oils to get deep into muscles.

Use of aromatherapy oils to enhance the healing effects of massage.

A delightfully deep and warming massage massage.


How Do I Pay?

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Our health plans will keep you in focus and in check with your health throughout the year. We will help motivate, inspire and keep your interest in achieving your health objectives even when so many things in life get in the way.

Purchase Individual Treatments

You may wish to purchase treatments on an individual ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. This approach is for those who live at a distance or wish to try a single treatment.

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