Integrated Health Programmes

“…thanks to your amazing holistic approach Rumana, my lifestyle has changed beyond recognition and I can’t ever imagine going back to the old ways. Your support, advice, assessments and treatment have been worth every penny.” 
Libby Andrews


Integrated Health Programme

A multi-disciplined approach to health means using a range of tools to facilitate the body to heal itself. When embarking on a health programme you will experience a number of treatments that will aim to work for you not only to achieve short term but to enjoy continued good health long term.


Full Health Assessment

This health assessment is one of our most popular and comprehensive. We look at assessing your nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, and internal body functions.


Once a detailed evaluation of your health has been made you will be guided to the next steps on planning your health programme.

Integrated Consultations

In our integrated consultations we include a number of different therapies and treatments within your sessions. This means your treatment is co-ordinated by a highly skilled practitioner qualified within multiple disciplines. They will help you focus on achieving your health goals and help you design your treatment programme according to your own health needs.

The treatment session will include:

Number of Sessions

This ultimately depends upon your health assessment. However a minimum number of 6 sessions is recommended in order to go through each of your vital organ and system cleanses which gives your body time to make adjustments at a deeper level.

Sessions can be booked on a fortnightly or monthly basis depending upon your requirements.

Treatment Options

Consultations can be:


Many people often like extra support in between their consultations as and when health questions or different health issues arise. If you feel you would like this service then you may wish to purchase a health programme which includes email support between your consultation sessions.

Alternatively if you have a one off enquiry in between appointments, you can access the one to one support option, purchased on a per enquiry basis. Please enquire.

How Do I Pay?

Select from one of our affordable Health Plans

Our health plans will keep you in focus and in check with your health throughout the year. We will help motivate, inspire and keep your interest in achieving your health objectives even when so many things in life get in the way.

Purchase Individual Treatments

You may wish to purchase treatments on an individual ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. This approach is for those who live at a distance or wish to try a single treatment.

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