Ayurveda, Food and Health

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Rumana Zahn and Sangeeta Murkunde

Discover a whole new world of fresh, balanced meals, and find out the benefits of Ayurveda’s holistic approach to food and health.

Join Naturopath Rumana Zahn and Ayurvedic Practitioner Sangeeta Murkunde for this inspiring discussion about Ayurveda and recipes for health.

Discover how the Ayurvedic philosophy of balance is important when planning meals, and how the therapeutic properties of spices can help improve your digestion and wellbeing.

Sangeeta will talk through how to nourish your body, and give you some exciting, tasty recipes to take away and try at home.

What's included:

• An introduction to Ayurveda
• Foods for health
• The Ayurvedic kitchen: spices and their uses
• Meal planning
• Recipes to try out at home

Price: £1.95

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