Vitality Series: Hormonal Health

  • Vitality Series: Women's Health

Vitality Series: Women's Hormonal Health
with Naturopath Rumana Zahn ND

Do you experience monthly symptoms of bloatedness, headaches, period pains, depression?

Premenstrual tension and menopausal symptoms can create uncomfortable symptoms and often be overlooked. Dealing with hormones naturally requires a multi-disciplined approach due to the complexity of symptoms a cycle presents. Give yourself the opportunity to explore and discover how to manage these symptoms naturally.  

Package includes:

Health Evaluation (value £45)
Complete a detailed health questionnaire and work with Rumana to outline a protocol specific to you dealing with not only short  term health but long term too.

One to one Session (value £75)
Personal 1:1 call coaching calls with Rumana (2x30mins)

Rumana Health Online includes:  (value £99)
·   6 Zone wellbeing programme workbooks (x6)
·   6 Zone wellbeing video’s (approx 200 minutes of recorded video tutorials)
·   Watch the 'How to' videos e.g How to do a Liver Cleanse
·   Access articles on health topics
·   Access delicious healthy recipes
·   1 year standard subscription

All the above for £45  £210   saving £174 

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