Vitality Series: Stress Anxiety Depression

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Vitality Series: Stress Anxiety and Depression
with Naturopath Rumana Zahn ND

Do you feel a constant pressure coupled with anxieties that just take over and you feel unable to control them or a sense of “ I cannot go on like this”? Not everyone feels they want to take anti-depressants. So what’s the alternative? Dealing naturally with all the aspects – the physiological, psychological and emotional to create a sound mind and joyful spirit.

Package includes:

Health Evaluation (value £45)
Complete a detailed health questionnaire and work with Rumana to outline a protocol specific to you dealing with not only short  term health but long term too.

One to one Session (value £75)
Personal 1:1 call coaching calls with Rumana (2x30mins)

Rumana Health Online includes:  (value £99)
·   6 Zone wellbeing programme workbooks (x6)
·   6 Zone wellbeing video’s (approx 200 minutes of recorded video tutorials)
·   Watch the 'How to' videos e.g How to do a Liver Cleanse
·   Access articles on health topics
·   Access delicious healthy recipes
·   1 year standard subscription

All the above for £45  £210   saving £174 

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