Getting Started

Welcome to the Rumana Online Health Club.

To get the most out of the site here are some tips of where to begin.


1.     Assess Your Health

Drop into Zone 1 in the 6 Zone Wellbeing Programme area. To get started you can access any of the Zones at any time but I recommend starting at Zone 1: Part 1 Review Your Life.


2.     Work on Your Health

You can access videos and workbooks in the 6 Zone Wellbeing area; work your way through Zone 1 to 6 in order or access them individually as they are designed to be stand-alone too.


Ensure you download your workbook first and work alongside the videos. Take time to do the exercises as they’ll help you think and work through your own aspects of health in depth.


3.     Keep Up to Date

Regular videos on different health topics will be featured in the video library. Drop in regularly to this area to access new topics.


4.     Recipes

The Recipe Library is the place to help you get ideas and inspiration for cooking different meals. They are all designed to be tasty healthy recipes with little wheat, dairy and sugar in mind.


5.     Have a Browse Around

Take a look at other areas of the site where you will find useful information, member benefits with suppliers and discounts and lots more!

"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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