Planning Your Health

Planning your health is your first step on the road to good health and vitality. How Would You Like Your Health to Be?

Can you imagine what it would be like to have 100% health and vitality? Many people do not have clear health goals, or stop at the first hurdle and feel there is nothing more to help them. Natural medicine gives you the opportunity to get more from your health. There are hundreds of clients who have gone through a programme of addressing their health and have benefited in many ways – Hear about their experiences here.


Your Current Health

What is your health like now? Are you suffering from major health issues or do you have recurring niggling health problems that just won’t go away? Perhaps you have come to the end of the road with your medical treatment and would like to try an alternative.


What are your symptoms?

Modern problems are becoming more complex and therefore require an intelligent system of care. A multi-disciplined approach can broaden the possibilities of treating health. This is what Rumana Health offers, using natural medicine to work on the whole body rather than focussing on treating symptoms alone.

Symptoms are your clues to something not being quite right in the body. In most cases the longer they are left and not dealt with the worse they will get. The body has 13 systems all interconnected and it’s a bit like a domino effect, when something goes wrong in one area it can set off symptoms in other parts of the body.


Which one are you?


Multi-disciplined programmes can be put together for many of the conditions outlined in the table below. All your symptoms will be taken into consideration to prioritise and treat the whole of your body.

Digestive Nervous System Cardiovascular Skin, Hair & Nails
Constipation Anxiety Anaemia Acne
Diarrhoea Depression High Cholesterol Rosacea
Appendicitis Stress High/Low Blood Pressure Cold Sores
Irritable Bowel Headaches Angina Chicken Pox
Crohn’s Migraines Heart Disease Eczema
Coeliac’s Insomnia Heart Attacks Dermatitis
Diverticulitis Multiple Sclerosis Palpitations Dandruff
Candida Sciatica Hyper/Hypotension Varicose Veins Athlete’s Foot
Ulcers Parkinsons Thrombosis Impetigo
Gastritis     Warts
Gallstones     Ringworm
Jaundice     Psoriasis
Women’s Health Men’s Health Muscles and Joints Endocrine
Endometriosis Prostate Arthritis Diabetes
Menopause Impotence Fibromyalgia Pancreatitis
PMS Erectile Dysfunction Rheumatism Thyroid Problems
Dysmenorrhoea   Osteoporosis  
Irregular Periods      
Ovarian Cysts      
Vaginal Infections      
Lungs Urinary System Immune System Other
Asthma Cystitis Hayfever Eyes
Pneumonia Kidney Stones Colds Tinnitus
Catarrh Nephritis Fevers Chronic Fatigue
Coughs Oedema Glandular Fever Inflammations
Nose Problems Gout Measles Tiredness
Sinusitis Incontinence   Cancer
      Weight loss


Your Health Programme

You may wish to work on a one-to-one basis and attend the clinic and receive support by telephone or email to help you to achieve your health goals. Your plan will include:


You will undergo an assessment that will provide the results to create a tailored health plan specifically to meet your needs. Your natural health programme can run alongside any medical treatment and this may include:



Once your programme is in place and you are satisfied with the results you can then transfer over to a maintenance and prevention programme – again tailored specifically for your needs.

Most health benefits are experienced through keeping on top of your health and ‘working on it’ on a regular basis making adjustments as you go.


Programme for Life

It is also important to address health throughout your life, as your needs change.

"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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