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By Sam Dixon, Marketing and PR Manager

Thank you just does not cover it. There are barely words profound enough to express my gratitude. For me Rumana has been the switch that has turned on a light inside of my head.

Since being a teenager I have struggled in an ongoing fight with bulimia, my weight, hard drug abuse, depression and a string of abusive relationships. As a result of my inability to deal with my feelings about my own self I had spent the whole of my adult life on various anti depressants. I visited the doctor on a weekly basis with some new ailment that had cropped up as a result of my abusive behaviour and self medicating!

My breaking point was long overdue and came one Sunday morning earlier this year.

Full of self loathing because of my increasing weight and the effect it was having on every decision I made, I cracked. I was five stones overweight, the backs of my teeth were ruined, my face was swollen and aspects of my relationship were suffering because I refused point blank to go to anything that required any social interaction on my part. I had removed every full length mirror in our house and deluded myself that the more make-up I wore, the easier I could hide! My worst nightmare was being realised.

Rumana came with excellent recommendations, and credentials as long as your arm. But I questioned how could she help me? How would she succeed where so many had tried before? How could this serene, patient and non-judgemental lady help me? I was a big, loudmouth, outspoken self destructing rebel. But I knew I needed her to try.

I needed to take control of my health once and for all. I thought I had tried everything. I would get ‘drug free’ ‘clean’ and periodically loose weight. A good friend pointed out to me that over the years of yo-yo dieting I had lost a total of nine and a half stones!!!! F*ck! That’s the weight of a whole person! Every time I got to a goal I wouldn’t cope well with the ‘just being there’. Something would kick in, and I would begin the destructive cycle again.

Deep down inside I knew that if I didn’t open up and let Rumana in to help me I was going to spend the rest of my existence fighting.

From my first appointment my doubts, fears and misgivings evaporated. I felt, for the first time ever, that I was in safe and experienced hands. Initially using kinesiology and iridology she diagnosed a whole list of problems and their causes without even looking at my health questionnaire!! I was suitably impressed!! Finally someone was going to look at my causes, instead of just writing me a prescription for my symptoms! Rumana was firm with me from the beginning. My life had to change but more importantly she began to show me how to do it.

Having gone to her primarily because of my ongoing weight problem, I was very surprised to find that she didn’t focus on it at all. In fact it was barely even mentioned. Instead she focused on reducing my anti depressants and eliminating all of the foods my body was not easily tolerating and prescribing me various supplements that my body so desperately needed. Tesco Hypermarket became my new hang out!! My ‘clubcard’ points quadrupled! I learned quickly that it really is possible to be fat and malnourished at the same time! Over the following sessions, whilst building me back up Rumana encouraged me to look at the whole picture; my lifestyle, my emotions and my processing methods and truly the weight began to literally fall off!!

I know. It’s a misguiding expression brandished about by marketing companies preying on people with weight issues, who quite obviously are vulnerable because of this. But seriously the weight really did just start to ‘come away’. I understand now that even though I felt my problem was my weight, it was actually just a symptom of what was going on underneath the surface.

Watching the scales go down has been the highlight but I am not saying that it has been plain sailing all the way. I have had some very low points since starting working with Rumana, but not a patch on how I felt previously. Some of the organ cleanses have been harder than others, the ‘liver’ in particular, and certain issues have raised themselves along the way. At times I have found looking deep inside myself for answers to a lot of questions that I had chosen to ignore up till this point, quite difficult. As I reduced the anti depressants, I began to experience genuine emotion which felt real and raw. I found myself crying with joy at the simplest of things; people clapping, particular songs on the radio, seeing people I loved. It was as if I was learning to ‘feel’ again. Regardless of the emotion Rumana has supported me every step of the way. Her unconditional love and support have been invaluable.

In the weeks since I began the cleansing and re-building process I have experienced some of the best times in my life. To date I have lost 36lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes, people comment on how good my skin is and I am no longer an asthmatic. All of the ailments I used to be plagued with are a thing of the past. For the first time ever I feel like a complete person. I feel brand new from the inside out. I face daily challenges with confidence and optimism. I can remain true to myself without guilt. For the first time in fifteen years I am completely free of anti-depressants.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Rumana Zahn to anyone who was looking to improve their health in any way shape or form. Embarking on a programme that gently encourages you to take stock of the whole of yourself and not just one thing at a time really is the way forward. Whether you chose a consultation or to embark upon a personally tailored programme with Rumana, you are choosing a quality of life. You quite simply cannot fail. She really is the root of the therapy tree, and once you realise what you have discovered you will realise how rare and precious her endless knowledge, experience and insights are.

As my journey continues, I am happy to be alive, proud to be me and full of excitement for my future as a fit and healthy young woman. This morning I completed a 10k run for charity and I cannot tell you how proud I was to cross the finish line.

I will remain eternally grateful to you Rumana for your love, patience, vast knowledge, support, consistent guidance and your insight.

Thank you Rumana for giving me the key to a whole new world that was waiting for me all along.

Sam Dixon, Marketing and PR Manager

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"Expressing my true self and owning my state of wellbeing. Being natural and getting healthy is a part of my life."

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